Welcome at Eetlicht

Eetlicht started as a food take away shop on the Amstelboulevard 13 years ago. People from the offices at Amstelplein used to walk in for a quick healthy lunch and some small talk. 
Before Deliveroo and Uber were born we were delivering work late meals at your office.
The late workers asked us if we could provide their lunches as well. The shop grew into a bigger catering kitchen and Eetlicht catering was Born.

We closed down the shop 2 years ago because the catering part of the business was growing so fast we couldn’t keep up.

Since we cannot cater to your workplace in the office at the moment, we decided to go back to our roots and pick up our meal delivery service again.

Here's the plan for our home deliveries:
Eetlicht prepares tasteful and healthy food which we deliver to your doorstep on Monday and Thursday. We have a monthly menu with bowls, proteins, carbs and veggies so you can assemble your own meals. We cook everything the day we deliver and we deliver cold food. So you can store and reheat it whenever you feel like it.

Order before Sunday at 14.00 if you want us to deliver on Monday. Order before Wednesday at 14.00 if you want us to deliver on Thursday.
The minimum amount to order is 30 euro. If you have a discount code you can use this at the check out online.

This is what we are doing to make sure you can safely enjoy Eetlicht food:

Wholesale supplies:
We limited our suppliers and the delivery moments to a minimum. There’s no physical contact.
Products that come in are being sanitized and the food containers don’t enter our kitchen. We check everything according to HACCP standards as normal.

We check our staff’s temperature daily before they enter the company and anyone who’s starting to feel a little off-color stays home without a worry. All our employees take food safety and your safety very seriously.
Social distancing is being marked in the kitchen and in the shop. We keep at least 1,5 mtr. distance from each other. We work in a small team and keep outsiders out of the kitchen.

Food preparation:
Our kitchen is pro in working with allergies, cross contamination and high hygiene standards according to HACCP. All countertops and cooking gear are being disinfected on a regular basis. Meals are being cooked in a contained environment by a steady staff of 3 persons.
We prepare and cool the product according to standards and all meals are being packaged and sealed in the kitchen.

We transfer these sealed meals in bags in desinfected thermo boxes. Transport is being handled by our own staff, in our own cars, which are cleaned on a daily basis (the staff as well ; ) ).

The product is delivered on your doorstep. So, no physical contact between you and the delivery guy.